Enjoy the Tranquility


Brighten up your life with a Bright Creations hand poured scented soy candle. Enjoy the tranquility. 

Bright Creations was founded in 2007. Beverly Bright and Husband, Marvin Hicks collaborated to start the candle company after Beverly lost her employment in 2007. They turned the overwhelming financial that the loss of a job can create into an endeavor of love, beauty and a new stream of income. Beverly began to burn candles in her home to create a calming environment for relaxation. One day, Marvin suggested that she try making candles herself. She reached out to a local candle company and initially started selling their candles. After a few months of selling for them while experimenting with making candles herself, she began to sell her own product to local businesses. Selling wholesale proved to be lucrative and allowed Beverly to hire employees, providing jobs for residents of Detroit.  The fundraising part of the business came later on after Bright Creations was ask to do a few fundraisers for local churches.  We being to realized that fundraising with the candles made since and fundraising your cause was born over 6 years ago.  We love what we do helping people raise money for their cause has been very rewarding.

Bright Creations produces their product in Detroit. 
Bright Creation Candles are made of the highest quality soy and are hand poured.

Each one of our candles are hand poured with the very best products, for your enjoyment.


PHONE: 313-332-3462

EMAIL: admin@brightcreationscandles.com



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  • EASTER 2020
  • HALLOWEEN 2020
  • CHRISTMAS 2020

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